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Jigsaw Drama brings story books to life for little ones using props, sensory play, songs and heaps of imagination. Every child has a part to play in a safe, secure environment, where they have the freedom to add their own take on the stories we explore. At Jigsaw Drama we promote a love of reading, enhance imaginative role-play and build confidence. Repetition and revisiting stories, characters and songs helps to develop essential building blocks for learning and provides opportunities for collaborative communication. But above all, our aim is to create memorable and fun moments for you and your little ones. 

Jiggy Jigsaws

Sensory story classes for newborns to sitters

Start your little ones journey into reading though these interactive storytelling classes. Together you will dive into iconic story books and bring them to life using sensory props, songs, sign language and holistic therapies. The skills you learn can be transferred and used at home to help aid your little ones early development skills. 

Jolly Jigsaws
Stimulating story classes for sitters to crawlers
Sensory play is extremely beneficial for little ones as it supports language development, cognitive growth, fine and gross motor skills, problem solving and social interaction. This is why, sensory play is a big part of a Jolly Jigsaw class. Alongside our sensory props, we use songs, sign language and movement games to bring the story to life and to aid understanding, enhance imaginations and create memorable experiences. 

Jumpy Jigsaws
Imaginative story classes for toddlers who are walking unaided up to 4 years old. 
There's more to storytelling than just reading the words on the page. In a Jolly Jigsaws class, your little one will be up on their feet, acting out the story using a vast array of different stimuli to enhance and support their imaginative play. The children are encouraged to step into the world of the stories we are exploring to help them understand and remember the story line, to promote a love of reading, develop their language skills and have fun together.


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