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Karma's Lullaby

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Karma’s Lullaby offers a holistic child sleep training service. For children aged 18 weeks - 6 years, teaching parents gentle and responsive methods. Getting little one’s sleeping on track and sleeping through the night, giving families the rest they so desperately need.

Sleep deprived and exhausted? Struggling to function? Wondering how much longer you can go on like this? 

You are not alone and it’s OK to ask for help. 

I'm a certified sleep consultant who understands that your child is different to all other children and will therefore need a different approach. I build a bespoke plan for each child after thoroughly assessing the situation and seeing the whole picture, the only constant aspect which is across all plans is that all children will be responded to throughout.

Sleep deprivation takes its toll on our physical and mental health, drives relationships apart, can result in poor performance at work, and put our baby’s health and wellbeing at risk. Stop the needless suffering and find your harmony. 

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