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Need help with your little one's sleep? Not sure what to try next? What if I said I could make a difference to your child's sleep within just 3 nights?

I'm Bonnie, founder of Bon Nuit Sleep Consulting. I've three children of my own and I really struggled with my little one's sleep. I now help families across the country (and internationally too!) to help their children sleep better. I work with families with newborns to pre-schoolers all with very unique needs and different sleep challenges. I work with parents to understand what is happening, what they want to change and what their ultimate goal is. Every plan is tailored to you and your baby making sure that you make the right decisions and we teach your baby the sleep skills needed as quickly and gently as possible.

I also run sleep classes for groups of mums from birth upwards. I run sessions to get newborns on the right path to great sleep, teaching great sleep habits from birth and all the tricks of encouraging a baby to sleep longer stretches. I discuss naps, sleep pressures, sleep environments and what to do about those dreaded sleep regressions.

So, if you want a free 15 minute sleep consultation please get in touch today. Perhaps you've tried everything and read all the books but still don't know which plan to follow. Perhaps you're a new Mum looking for sleep advice to ensure you have a great little sleeper in the future. It's never too late to teach great sleep skills! 


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