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Feeding UnTied Limited

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Feeding UnTied Limited is a Tongue-tie Provision & Lactation Consultancy. We are currently running clinics ONLY for Tongue-tie Assessment and Division.

Specialist Support by an experienced Registered Midwife, Lactation Consultant IBCLC and Tongue-tie Expert.

CoronaVirus Covid-19 Notification

We are currently running clinics ONLY for Tongue-tie Assessment and Division (this does include feeding support), as these services are not possible online and ensuring babies continue to recieve breastmilk is incredibly important due to the protective benefits of breastmilk in supporting a baby's immune system.

Breastfeeding support will be offered online, along with pregnancy feeding education sessions and any follow-ups.

The clinic is cleaned daily and all surfaces wiped down with Clinell between clients. A 30 minute gap is observed between appointments to ensure clients only meet the Clinician and all clients are directed to the hand-sanitiser on entering and leaving the clinic.

Prior to any appointment, all clients complete a comprehensive health questionnaire which includes pertinent screening questions about their exposure and current health in relation to Covid-19. 

Clinic Services Offered:

Tongue-tie Assessment and Treatment (Inc. feeding assessment) - £175

Opening Hours:

General Business Opening Hours: Monday - Friday 09:00 - 18:00 

Clinics (Kenilworth): Various Appointments Available

Online Bookings 24/7 & Further Information:

Please Visit - www.Feeding-UnTied.co.uk by clicking on website button at the top of this page.

Main Address: CW Therapy Rooms, First Floor, 56-58 Warwick Road, Kenilworth , Warwickshire, CV8 1HH


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